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Sorry guys, I have been an awful blogger these past few months. It’s been so extremely busy. This semester is trying its hardest to kick my ass and I am not giving an inch. Boar and Stag have taught me how to be a warrior, and I am using that to fight my way through some difficult classes. This means I have very little downtime and what time I do have is rarely devoted to writing blogs or even thinking about what the hell to write. And on top of school I’ve had some unwanted matters of the heart to deal with, but that’s neither here nor there. On free moments I try to continue the spiritual work that I want to do. I still meditate daily and I have started hiking down to the campus beach at least once a week to escape people and do some deep meditation surrounded by nature and Grandmother Ocean. These little things have helped keep me sane. I have also observed the full moons and played with my animal oracle a time or two. But that is all the paganness I have had time for.
This week is a bit of a deep breath before the plunge of a three week marathon of tests and quizzes from hell. In honor of that and some recent events in life, I’ve decided to talk about releasing. Specifically, a ceremony that I learned to release energies, emotions, people or pretty much anything you want from your life. Anything that holds you back from your goals and dreams. I learned this technique last semester while casting some unnecessary anger out of my life. I was inspired to do it while sitting on the beach in meditation. Since, it has become a frequent practice of mine to help deal with anger, It truly helps, and therefore I wanted to share this simple and effective little ceremony.
I began on the beach sitting comfortable on the ground in meditation. I spent quite some time just grounding and centering in order to address the issue in a calm manner. Once I felt sufficiently grounded, I bring the emotions to the surface. I focus on the negativity that tends to build up. Focus on the frustration of whatever does not seem to be going right. I tear open the wounds that hold me back. Sometimes it induces shaking or tears or other natural responses to frustrating things in life. It may be unpleasant to revisit these things, but it is necessary to see them in order to get rid if them.
When I feel ready, I walk along the beach until I find a rock or pebble that catches my eye. I sit down with this item and pour everything into it. All those negative thoughts and feelings. All that frustration. Force it all into that stone. I hold the stone to my heart or head, whatever is appropriate for what I am getting rid of. Blowing the negativity into the stone is highly effective. I will spend up to 15 minutes filling the stone with what holds me back. Then, when I have nothing more to put into the stone, I hurl it as hard and as far as I can into the ocean. The main point is achieving a clean break from the negativity you have rid from yourself. Almost immediately, I feel lighter and happier. I can feel less weight pulling on my shoulders. I am exhausted, but refreshed.
The main part being done, I usually sit back down and meditate a little bit longer. I thank Grandmother Ocean for her help. Usually I will leave her an offering of some flowers that I picked on my hike or some food that I have on me. Then I just enjoy a few moments in nature before returning to my studies.

campus beach
This has been highly effective for me. I have been calmer and more level headed. I also think this is highly versatile. I have used it for emotions, for a specific person who was holding me back, and even for matters of the heart. It also helps to perform this in an area with which you are familiar. A body of water or area of nature that you have built a relationship with will be more effective than a random one. It does not take a lot of time. You could spend as little has a half hour on it or you could spend several hours on it. So go out and try it. Think of what has been holding you back. Think if what is unhealthy in your life that you could do better without. You could even do this more than once if one time was not as effective as you had hoped. You could use the associations of the moon and stars to increase effectiveness if you are astrologically inclined. I have usually done it as needed, regardless of moon phase and it has still been effective for me.

I hope that you find this helpful. I challenge you to go and try it, even once, and you will be better off for it.


Journey on Darkness

As many of you know, three nights ago was a rather historic night, astrologically speaking. It was a dark moon and an excellent annular eclipse. I am rather disappointed that us in the eastern United States were not able to see it, but I still acknowledged it.  Okay, witch confession time… I have never done anything for the Dark/New Moon.  I honestly did not know what to for a Dark Moon.  I hate googling things to determine what I should do. I have been trying to make myself work more off of instinct and less off of what the books tell me.  So I decided that I would do something for this very epic night of darkness.

So, for inspiration, I decided to go on a spirit walk. I have walked my development hundreds of times, I would much rather walk a forest path or somewhere more wild, but it just isn’t possible in this area.  The most wild places are parks which close at dusk. So, my spirit walks often happen along the sidewalks and shadows of my suburban development. So I donned by bone choker and kicked off my shoes and set off into the night.

Given the conditions of last night, I was thinking about darkness. How it applies to me and what darkness means to me.  I spent nearly two hours wandering the streets.  A lot of things occurred to me on that walk and I had a bit of an experience that was very eye-opening for me.  I already had the idea in my mind that darkness is a very important concept. I could get into a big discussion on duality, but I assume most of you agree that without darkness, there is no light, so I will spare you that chat.  So the main question that popped into my head that night was “What is my darkness? How does it apply to me?” I received an answer and then some.

I achieved a bit of a journey state on my walk. I was aware of the development. I could hear the cars rumbling on the highway, the train whistle and people sitting on their porches as I walked by. I was aware of them, but they seemed so far away.  I felt very different too. I have never been in a moving journey state. Hell, a lot of the time I struggle with a motionless journey.  I was rather excited, but I forced myself to focus on what I was experiencing.  It didn’t feel the same as other journeys either.  I was not me.  To be honest, I felt like a caged animal.  Some great wolf struggling against unseen bonds. I wanted to be free. I wanted to run, to hunt, to breed, to eat. It felt like pure survival.  I spent nearly an hour like this, slinking around my development in the dark.  At first I was confused as to why I was experiencing this.  Never before had I felt like this on a journey. I felt like i should have been scared, but it just felt right to let this out and experience what I could.  As my feet brought me back onto my street, I came back to the surface.

Once I was almost fully back into this world, I understood. My brain put all the pieces together in one big revelatory explosion.  Darkness. I am amazed I never even thought about it before.  Darkness is not evil, that I knew.  To me darkness is that primal side. That deep, instinctual part of us that most people hide away and keep under strict control. It may sound simple, but I had honestly never thought about it before. I realized that this side of my is critical to my spirituality.  Working with that darker side. The instinct and the primal energy are not things to be controlled.  This sort of thing should be worked with and worked into your craft. I did an entire ritual completely off the cuff (off of instinct) and it felt more powerful than half of the ones that I had planned for days ahead of time.   I think that we can learn a lot from tapping into this instinctual side of ourselves, and many of the great witches out there are already able to do so.

So I performed my ritual in darkness, it didn’t feel right to light a candle when I was honoring the darkness in all of us.  I finished the evening with a more traditional journey.  When I was done, it was probably 1 or 2 in the morning. I came back into the house ravenous. So after a quick snack and a small rest I went to bed to dream about all that I had learned that night.

Definitely a profound revelation for me.  Like I said before, this may seem simple, but it had never occurred to me before. It makes so much sense that I almost facepalmed at my own naivete.  It also made me realize how much more I have to learn about myself and the path that I am walking.