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Mount Liamuiga

1185510_10151854289507790_1387038499_nFirst off, I owe an apology to those who read my blog. I am very sorry that I have not written in quite some time. I have several posts in the works but the words just have not flowed well. I think writing about my adventure here is a good, easy start off to get my jump started back into blogging. Hopefully after this I can get the other posts done that I have been working on.

On Friday, I finally got to complete one of the big things on my bucket list for the island. I finally hiked the volcano here on St. Kitts. What an experience that was. I have been on the island for a year straight now and sometimes it’s difficult to find time for nature here in vet school. Often times it is just my time on the beach or my walks in the toxic plant garden on campus. There are several hiking trails on the island and I have yet to explore any of them. There is also the fact that life here sometimes feels like a constant battle with the island. We are always dealing with massive, poisonous centipedes, thousands of ants bent on eating your food, and humidity that would crush all productivity. It is hard, sometimes to enjoy the nature when it is downright oppressive, but I try my best and work hard to find beauty in every moment. So when my friends said they wanted to do this, I leapt. The six of us got up bright and early in a failed attempt to avoid the heat of the day.
It was possibly the most challenging hike that I have ever been on. The volcano itself is just under 4,000 feet at the summit, but the trail switchbacks the whole way up. It took us the better part of four hours to get to the top. I was determined that this long hike would be a spiritual experience. I packed an offering to the spirits of the land and meditated on the path before we set off.

A tree that happened to catch my eye.

A tree that happened to catch my eye.

The dog made a troupe of monkeys rather unhappy. They shouted at us and threw things as we passed by.

The dog made a troupe of monkeys rather unhappy. They shouted at us and threw things as we passed by.

This is the first time I have ever been in a rainforest. The plants and animals were almost entirely foreign to me. I only recognized the green vervet monkeys that we disturbed at one point. I found myself in awe as the plant life and bird calls changed with the rising altitude.  It was not very hot on the mountain, but under the rainforest canopy, the humidity was extremely high. We had all sweat through every piece of clothing we wore within less than an hour of hiking the trail. It was a trance-inducing experience. Between the physical exertion, the constant sweating and the forest close in all around us, I was quickly in another state of mind. The volcano became more of a challenge as we hiked on. Some of our group just plowed on up the mountain, while some lagged behind, needing breaks. I played the middle man to keep the two groups together and it gave me a lot of time to just quietly observe the jungle around me and listen to the sounds of nature over the sound of my pounding heart.  There was a tree that caught my eye because the area where old branches had broken off looked like evil little, laughing faces, taunting us as we struggled up the mountain. I called them the jumbie trees, after the local spirits. They seemed to be daring us to go on. I also found a natural doorway  to the otherworld in a tree alongside the path. I made friends with that doorway while waiting for stragglers.

Jumbie Tree

Jumbie Tree

Tree Doorway

Tree Doorway

After almost four hours of hiking and scaling boulders, we finally made the summit. Most of it was under heavy forest, but there was one area where you could get on top of a large cliff and look out over the crater and out on to the Caribbean Sea. The crater was amazing. I am normally terrified of heights, but for some reason, my inner mountain goat took over. I climbed out onto that perch you see in the first picture and some time there, just listening to the wind and drinking in the beauty of the island.  The photo is deceiving, because that rock is actually pretty high up and out over the forest. You can sit there and look right over the crater and the sulfur lake inside or turn left and see Saba and the Caribbean Sea. It was a breathtaking seat.


The cliff face and Caribbean Sea from my perch

I meditated for a bit on the summit, then brought out what I had to offer. A shot of rum and my some of my white sage and tobacco. I got a big feeling of joy and relaxation after that. I had finally been to the highest point on the island and seen the crater. It felt like a big achievement, for some reason. I did not really question why, just basked in the feeling. The volcano itself is sleeping. It has lain dormant for over a thousand years since its last eruption. It is still active, and we get occasional tremors on the island. The rainforest on its summit is very much alive though. It was a great treat to have been there. I really hope that I can do it again before I graduate. Maybe spend more time at the top. There are also many other hiking trails to be explored.

Blue snail

Blue snail

Caribbean fiddlehead

Caribbean fiddlehead



This was an amazing experience. I loved seeing all kinds of new plants. I am determined now to learn the names of as many of them as possible in my time here (as if I don’t already have enough to learn in vet school as it is).

So what is your next adventure? What is your mountain to climb? I say, go for it. You may be surprised by what you find.


White Sage

When I moved into my apartment, I told myself that I wanted a little garden. I thought it would be good for some stress relief, and I could grow myself some herbs and a couple vegetables to save money. Well, that didn’t really go to plan. I have a garden, but basil and, an old friend, Rosemary are the only culinary plants that I have been growing (and lets be honest, basil and Rosemary are some witchy plants in their own right). I decided to purchase some witchy plants as well, so I ordered three seed packets from Harold Roth over at Alchemy Works. I wanted plants that I had never worked with before and would survive in the tropical climate here. I ended up with mugwort, wild tobacco and white sage. I am still working on growing some more plants, but for now, this is my garden and it is doing well.

The sage especially loves the climate here and has been flourishing. I actually ended up with too many plants in the pot because it decided to sprout like crazy off of itself. So about two weeks ago I cut one of the plants out to thin the pot. I made two very small bundles for smudging. It was entirely an experiment because I didn’t know if a bundle would dry or not in this humidity and no house here is built with good ventilation of any kind. But I tried anyway. I ended up with two tiny, but beautiful little smudge bundles. They dried perfectly and I decided that this full moon was the perfect time for a test drive.


Now, I have bought the smudge bundles from the new age stores.  To be honest, I have always been let down by them. I am not sure what it was, but I was just never impressed by the store-bought smudge. Back home, I would forgo sage for home-made rosemary or hemlock smudge. I could also never use it indoors because it set off my asthma. Now, you are probably wondering why I even bothered purchasing the white sage if this is how I feel. To be honest, I am not sure why I bought it either. I just felt that I should give white sage another chance, and I am so glad that I did.

This past full moon, I went out on my balcony about midnight and performed a smudge ceremony with one of the tiny bundles that I made. It was, hands down, the most powerful experience I had ever had with white sage ever. She sung to me and cleansed me in a way that I had never felt from this plant before. I have a new respect for her after that night.

After that experience, I had to make more. I burnt through almost an entire bundle that one night, so these small ones will not last long. So the other day, I had a bit of down time to do some much-needed crafting. How I have missed crafting and making things with my hands. I pulled out my knife and cut a whole lot more sage. The pot was a bit choked, so I took quite a bit to make room for the stronger individuals in the pot. I made a small sacred space on the kitchen counter to work in. I burned what was left of the tiny bundle I had started the other night.


The raw sage on my mini-crafting altar.

The raw sage on my mini-crafting altar.

I cleaned each leaf and stripped them from the stems. I decided that I like the small bundles. They dry better and faster and I have no need for massive bundles that you typically see. I also cut a small strip of my rosemary to use as a core for one of the bundles. I love using rosemary for smudge, so I thought that this union, while experimental, would be a good thing. I find that I always need about seventeen hands when I wrap smudge and this was no exception. I still need to perfect my technique, but I figure that comes with practice and time. I am still happy with the three bundles that now hang, drying in my room.

The products. The right three are the new ones and the left two are the ones I first made.

The products. The right three are the new ones and the left two are the ones I first made.

Being able to get back to a little bit of crafting and plant work makes me happy. I have had so little time crafting since being down here and that kills me sometimes. I also love being able to smudge again. That was something that I absolutely loved doing when I was home and have not had while being down here. As my plants continue to grow, I will definitely be crafting more.

Hopefully there will be more blog posts coming here in the next few days to weeks. I have several ideas, but the words just have not been flowing well. My creative side was severely suffocated during this past semester. I hope to find a good balance going into this next semester, but I am just taking it one day at a time.

Mitakuye oyasin


Sorry guys, I have been an awful blogger these past few months. It’s been so extremely busy. This semester is trying its hardest to kick my ass and I am not giving an inch. Boar and Stag have taught me how to be a warrior, and I am using that to fight my way through some difficult classes. This means I have very little downtime and what time I do have is rarely devoted to writing blogs or even thinking about what the hell to write. And on top of school I’ve had some unwanted matters of the heart to deal with, but that’s neither here nor there. On free moments I try to continue the spiritual work that I want to do. I still meditate daily and I have started hiking down to the campus beach at least once a week to escape people and do some deep meditation surrounded by nature and Grandmother Ocean. These little things have helped keep me sane. I have also observed the full moons and played with my animal oracle a time or two. But that is all the paganness I have had time for.
This week is a bit of a deep breath before the plunge of a three week marathon of tests and quizzes from hell. In honor of that and some recent events in life, I’ve decided to talk about releasing. Specifically, a ceremony that I learned to release energies, emotions, people or pretty much anything you want from your life. Anything that holds you back from your goals and dreams. I learned this technique last semester while casting some unnecessary anger out of my life. I was inspired to do it while sitting on the beach in meditation. Since, it has become a frequent practice of mine to help deal with anger, It truly helps, and therefore I wanted to share this simple and effective little ceremony.
I began on the beach sitting comfortable on the ground in meditation. I spent quite some time just grounding and centering in order to address the issue in a calm manner. Once I felt sufficiently grounded, I bring the emotions to the surface. I focus on the negativity that tends to build up. Focus on the frustration of whatever does not seem to be going right. I tear open the wounds that hold me back. Sometimes it induces shaking or tears or other natural responses to frustrating things in life. It may be unpleasant to revisit these things, but it is necessary to see them in order to get rid if them.
When I feel ready, I walk along the beach until I find a rock or pebble that catches my eye. I sit down with this item and pour everything into it. All those negative thoughts and feelings. All that frustration. Force it all into that stone. I hold the stone to my heart or head, whatever is appropriate for what I am getting rid of. Blowing the negativity into the stone is highly effective. I will spend up to 15 minutes filling the stone with what holds me back. Then, when I have nothing more to put into the stone, I hurl it as hard and as far as I can into the ocean. The main point is achieving a clean break from the negativity you have rid from yourself. Almost immediately, I feel lighter and happier. I can feel less weight pulling on my shoulders. I am exhausted, but refreshed.
The main part being done, I usually sit back down and meditate a little bit longer. I thank Grandmother Ocean for her help. Usually I will leave her an offering of some flowers that I picked on my hike or some food that I have on me. Then I just enjoy a few moments in nature before returning to my studies.

campus beach
This has been highly effective for me. I have been calmer and more level headed. I also think this is highly versatile. I have used it for emotions, for a specific person who was holding me back, and even for matters of the heart. It also helps to perform this in an area with which you are familiar. A body of water or area of nature that you have built a relationship with will be more effective than a random one. It does not take a lot of time. You could spend as little has a half hour on it or you could spend several hours on it. So go out and try it. Think of what has been holding you back. Think if what is unhealthy in your life that you could do better without. You could even do this more than once if one time was not as effective as you had hoped. You could use the associations of the moon and stars to increase effectiveness if you are astrologically inclined. I have usually done it as needed, regardless of moon phase and it has still been effective for me.

I hope that you find this helpful. I challenge you to go and try it, even once, and you will be better off for it.

‘Neath a Caribbean Moon

The full moon is upon us and I have spent far too much time the past few days wondering what I should do for this turn. Finals are rushing towards me faster than ever and I should be spending more time with my nose in my anatomy books and less time wondering about full moon celebrations. I digress; I think that this moon shall be an important one. I have decided to begin a regimen of healing work on myself. I have encountered several spiritual blockages that I think are due to some issues that need worked out.

She was shy this evening

A lunar eclipse occurred yesterday. Lunar eclipses are excellent for times of meditation and releasing the old and the negative. This is an excellent time for one to cut the ties to what hold them back and do not benefit them. This is also the dark time of the year (figuratively speaking as there really have been no seasons in the Caribbean as of yet). For me, this period is a good time for introspection and self-work. So this full moon seemed perfect for me to do the healing work that I need.

I started the night before. I took a journey asking for assistance. It was an excellent start to the full moon celebration and really set things into motion. I woke up this morning feeling that there was change on the horizon and that there were profound things to come this evening.

After a day of classes and mundane responsibility I took a stroll down to the beach as the sun was setting. I made a wooden wind chime for the playful spirits at the beach. I decided it was a quick project that I could leave up and add to as I go along. Currently it is a few dead-fall branches and a feather, but it shall grow with time. I also left an offering of a locally made rosemary roll which I purchased today from The Bread Chick.  I then did a bit of meditation work as well as an exercise which involved me blowing and pushing the negative attributes to be gotten rid of into a stone and then hurling it into the ocean. I thanked the spirits of the place and Grandmothers Earth and Ocean for their help in my healing process. As it began to get dark, I watched the moon rise for a little bit then I returned to my room for some meditation and more journeying.

Finally got her out of the clouds, barely. It was a truly beautiful evening here. It was difficult to drag myself back inside to bed

As I sat before my altar meditating on my intent, I suddenly felt very dirty. More dirty that I usually feel after a full day in the Caribbean heat and humidity. So I bolted upstairs and into the shower. As the cleansing water washed over me, I started to laugh. I got completely giddy and felt a huge rush of energy. I could not stop smiling and I had no idea why. I stood there in the water for a while just enjoying the feeling before drying off. At this point I took a break from the witchery in order to get some dinner and obligatory studying in before returning to the fun stuff.

I returned to the fun stuff later in the evening. I did some further meditation and another journey and then I felt the call of my (oft forgotten) oracle cards. I handled them a while to warm them up and then did a quick reading about the healing work and they definitely still speak strongly to me. I have decided that I need to work with them more (just have not decided how). I did two readings before retiring them and both were quite exciting and spoke to the success of my healing work and the possible outcomes if I stick to my current workings. With a strong shiver down my spine, I retired the cards for the evening and meditated on the readings a while. I then went and bathed in what little moonlight I could find. It was a cloudy night here in the Caribbean and She only deemed it necessary to tease with glimpses here and there between the clouds. Then, exhausted, I put away my affects, thanked the spirits and prepared for a good night’s sleep. After all, this pagan is also a vet student and has a full day of classes the next morning!

While bathing in moonlight I got the feeling that I was being watched… Probably the fifteenth cat to cross my path that evening

Visit From an Old Friend

So I have been in the Caribbean for two and a half months now. It has been a whirlwind to be very honest. Vet School is quite the challenge and I am loving every minute of the course work. The only problem being down here is being stuck on a rock with the same 170ish people for such a long time is that you start to go crazy. Vet students are a special breed. We are almost all alpha type personalities and we are all relatively intelligent so there is a lot of butting heads and silly posturing to prove who is the smartest and who has the most and best clinical experience. I find myself getting pretty rageful with some of the classmates at times.  That being said, I think that starting my daily meditations have been crucial to my mental sanity. I have always been terrible at keeping up with daily practices and that sort of thing. I would get into the swing of something and then I would forget one day and never do it again. Now I have locked myself into daily mediation in the mornings. I started off with a prayer ceremony which was great and then that prayer seemed to get old. I did it one day and I didn’t feel anything, so I stopped. I started again with another prayer and that has run pretty well so far.  I do not know if anyone else has had this experience where your daily practice just stopped having an effect on you. To you who have had this experience, what do you think is best? Do you just force it and keep working at it until it does make you feel something again or do you do what I have done and move on to something new? Even if you have not had this experience, what do you recommend? I would like to know other people’s opinions on this.

I have been keeping up with the morning meditation though and that is something that has helped me immensely. Daily meditation is a great help to me and I think it has benefitted me by keeping me from homicide and by keeping my spirituality in my life daily. I have also found a new beach that is more secluded and has some great places for meditation. I spent both the full moon and Samhain out on the very beach.  I have definitely found my favorite place on this island. I go down there many times a week and do extra meditation there. On the full moon, I took my friend with me because I had never been there at night and I didn’t want to be there alone since I still do not know the island well. She is not pagan, but she respects what I do and agreed to keep an eye on me while I did my thing. I just introduced myself to the spirits there and left some offering then meditated for a while. I got good vibes the whole time and greatly enjoyed that night. The friend told me that she enjoyed watching the bat swoop around me the entire time I sat on the ground meditating. She did not grasp the significance, but I rather enjoyed it. That was my message that I was welcome here and that my offering was accepted. I went the next night for Samhain and that may be a different post, but when I went, I did find a hermit crab the size of a softball picking at my offering. Further validation says I.

My daily meditation has also been very spiritually fulfilling.  The meditation has become much easier to fall into a meditative state and I love that. I do that before exams when my fellow students are freaking out and I am getting stressed just standing near them. I will sit down and get away until it is time to go into the testing center.  I have had very little time for the journeying that I got so into doing while I was at Findlay, but I do get a time now and again.  I took some time last night before I went to bed I donned my bone choker and slipped away. I returned to my old growth forest where Stag was waiting for me. I apologized for being away so long. He surprised me by saying it’s okay. He said that I am following my dream and that is very important spiritually for me.  I smiled and then we went for a run like we did so many times before. Stag always has lessons for me when I meet him and this was no exception. I told him that I would try my best to come to him more often before returning to my skin and getting to bed for some much earned rest.   I have not communicated with Stag in a while and I much missed his guidance in my life.

I know that this semester is easy compared to what is to come and that I will not have as much time next semester on. I will probably be blogging less and less as I go on, but I will try to get fairly regular check ins out to let everyone know how I am doing.  I hope that people understand my blog will not be very exciting for the next year or so.

Life in the Caribbean

Well, I have been here for over a month now. I have had three tests of vet school and rocked them all out like a champ (I know, I know you are not here to hear about a vet student, but I have to brag where I can while I can). I have been here for two full moons, and how magical they were. Tonight, I would like to talk about what I have been up to for the past month aside from studying my ass off. I thought it was going to be extremely hard to keep up with my craft while in vet school, but as of yet I have managed to keep a few small aspects in my daily life and I have had the time for full moon celebrations too.

Shipwreck Beach.

In my last post I talked about adjusting to a new place. I have adjusted quite well, but some things here take their time. Back home, I met quite a few of the nature spirits who were more than willing for a chat and some offering, but here, it would seem that everything runs on “island time.” I have yet to meet any local spirits despite my attempts. I am not frustrated however. I know that I have to be patient and I am more than willing to be.  I do terribly miss the rattle that I had to leave behind. But I left that in the care of someone special who I know will take good care of her.  I do miss late nights sitting in the moon and starlight rattling away to watch the spirits dance.
I seem to have lost a connection with the Horned God. I have not heard anything from him since being stateside. Again, I am not frustrated. This is the Caribbean, the spirits are very different. I leave offerings to him anyway when I perform my rites, and it stays at that. I did not have room in my luggage for the plaque that I made to him, which is very sad, but what is two years to a deity such as him.
In losing Cernunnos, I seem to have gained another major connection. Grandmother Ocean has captivated me since I flew south into hurricane Isaac.  My friend and I were stuck in Miami airport until the storm cleared up, and we spent a night in the Keys until we got another flight. When the rain broke for a bit I went out and sat on a dock and looked out over the ocean. The wind was fierce and created awesome currents in the water. I sat and dangled my feet above the water and just listened. It was a very cleansing experience.  Once I got to the island, I only grew more in love.  I can see the Caribbean Sea from my window and there is a beautiful rocky beach within a 5 minute walk. One day I was doing a little water meditation to cleanse away negativity while I was swimming and the name Yemaya came to my lips. Since then, I have referred to Grandmother Ocean as Yemaya. I know very little about the Orisha named Yemaya, but I am continuing research in what little free time I possess. It just seems to fit, so now I honor Yemaya daily and I connected well with her on this past full moon. Whenever I am stressed and plan to skip something pagan, I see Grandmother Ocean and she reminds me of the magic in my life and how important it is to me and my wellbeing.  She is a constant reminder to stay strong and carry on.  My love affair with the sea shall continue for the rest of my life, I suspect.

This past full moon, I waited until she was full overhead and then I packed a little bag and walked down to the campus beach.  The night was as magical as they get. The moon was so bright I did not need a light or candle. The sky was clear above me, but out over the ocean a thunderstorm raged, throwing lightning down into the sea.  It sent shivers down my spine. The beach is perfect for witchery, given that It is completely secluded and there is a slightly treacherous hike down to it, and you can always tell if someone is coming.  I hiked down in pitch black as the forest blocked out all moonlight. When I got there I was again completely captivated by the ocean. I hopped down onto the rocks and perched myself on a large volcanic boulder right near the water.  I breathed in the salty scent of the ocean and I was at peace. I mediated a bit, feeling the spray and wishing that I had a drum or a rattle to play for Yemaya.  I tried to light a candle, but it blew out three times in a row and I decided it was not necessary. I gave an offering to correspond with my daily prayer (I shall discuss this in another post), and then left an offering to Yemaya herself.  I spent a good hour just sitting on the beach, feeling the waves, watching the lightning and moonlight dance on the water. This was possibly the most magical full moon I have spent to date. I can’t wait for the next full moon (about Halloween time), when I can hike down to that beach and revel in the beauty.
So that is what this pagan is up to in the Caribbean. I want to learn a lot more about local craft, but I have no idea where to start. I know that obeah is the Afro-Caribbean voodoo of sorts, but all I know is what I have read on the internets, and we all know how trustworthy that is. I would love to meet a local who could at least teach me about the native plants and even local folk magic, but I do not know how to go about doing that. If anyone out there is knowledgeable about Caribbean lore or magic and doesn’t mind sharing some things I would love to learn all that I can.
Thanks for listening to my ramble.
~ Ben


I have no idea what to write about for K. I have done very little knot magic, not nearly enough to write a decent sized blog post about. I have never worked with or felt any connection to Kali, and I am not sure where I stand on the whole Karma debate. Those are the K words that popped into my head. I havent the slightest idea what to write about. So in the place of a Pagan Blogging Project post, I decided to write about my latest crafting project, which I am very excited about. This is something that I first dreamed about when I started on my more shamanic path.  I wanted to make my first shaman’s rattle. I have always wanted a drum, but I just cant afford the parts to make one right now, and listening to rattle recordings are just as effective to me as drumming. The rattle is much cheaper as I only had to pay for the rawhide amd it really only requires common sense to make.

So I decided to set out upon this journey. I originally thought that it would be cheaper to get my hands on a gourd to make a gourd rattle, even though I never really pictured a gourd one in my head. I asked around on twitter and facebook. Then someone in a facebook group recommended getting rawhide from the pet store. They sell cheap dog bones that are decent quality beef rawhide.  So I bought a couple rawhide rolls. I have a number of lengths of wood stashed in my dad’s garage for use as walking sticks and such. I re-found a beautiful piece of sycamore that I have had for a long time. I found it years ago on my family’s property and kept it. I originally intended to use it as a besom, but as soon as I had it in my hand the other day, I knew what it should be used for.  I cut off the piece I wanted and I still have a good 2 feet for another project.  It was rather dirty and dried out, so I oiled it up and now it shines beautifully.

The piece of sycamore that I used. I love the pattern that was made on here. I found the branch this way, I did not alter the wood at all except to cut it to size and oil it.

Once I had my wood selected it was time to make the head. I soaked the rawhide in water with one my my cayenne peppers from last summer. I did this to add some fire and life to the rattle.  After a couple hours, the rawhide had loosened up enough to work with. So I unrolled it and cut out the pieces that I needed.  Once the sun went down, I sat down to sew it all together.  A couple hours and multiple finger injuries later, I had it all sewed together.  I had to use a heavy duty canvas needle and some pliers to get through the rawhide.  I got all the pieces together and turned it right side out. Once I was satisfied that it wasn’t going to fall apart, I stuffed it with clean rags and tied the handle in so it could set overnight.  The rawhide took about 12 hours to fully dry.

The next night, I set up a crafting altar in my basement.

I had selected the filling for the rattle during the day while the head dried. I decided upon mostly corn, but I added a single turquoise bead and a piece of quartz that I found in Arkansas when I first dreamed about the rattle.

I put enough in until I decided that I liked the sound. I also added a handful of corn to a small jar as an offering that I would take outside once I was done with the assembly. I also added a shot of the scotch that I was sipping to that jar. I put the filling into the head and began the process of binding it all together.  I hummed a bit and I tied it all together.   This was possibly the most magical part for me. I fell into a bit of a trance state as I wrapped the cord around the head. I bound it in several layers to assure that it would not come apart any time soon.

The rawhide head with the binding.

a close up of the handle. I still love this pattern.

I added a turkey feather that I had found on my family’s property.  I had it lying around my room for a while and it was eager to be put to use on the rattle.  I also added a string of 3 turquoise beads.

So here she is, the final product.

Me holding my rattle to give you an idea of its size.

She turned out beautiful. I love her.  She let me know as soon as she was sewed together that she had fire in her.  I tend to personify some of the tools, especially ones like this.  She is a great piece of work and I am very proud of her.  I may want to paint the head, but I am going to journey with her a couple times before making that decision. If I do paint her, I will do another post with pictures of that.

I hope you all enjoy my work. It was a lot of fun making her. I would love to make more like this just for the joy of crafting.