I am a proud and self-proclaimed Pagan Artist. Artwork becomes a form of meditation for me. To get lost in the detail and intricacy of a design is quite relaxing and almost better than traditional meditation at times.  My inspiration comes from various sources, most of which I could not even name.  Sometimes I just wake up with an image in my head that will not let me rest until it is out on paper.  Here I will be posting pictures and scans of pagan artwork that I have done.  These are all pieces from 2008 at the earliest.  Please comment a lot, I love feedback.

Okay my friends. I have recently found that some of my artwork is being stolen for use without my knowledge. This is unacceptable and unfair. You wouldn’t like it if I took some of your artwork and used it for ID pictures and such.  Honestly, I don’t mind if you ask me. I am an artist and I take a lot of pride in what I do, so I feel that I at least deserve to be asked before you just use my artwork elsewhere, and I should be acknowledged as the artist when you do use it.  I do not want to put watermarks on everything, because that looks terrible, but I will if this continues. It is not fair to me or any other artist that you take things from.  Always ask for permission to use anything. Hell the artist might tell you sure, as long as you give them credit. It is not that difficult, and everyone can be happy this way. Please respect my work and the work of any other artists out there. It is just (not so) common courtesy.

An intricate pentacle design. This took me about a week to complete due to the detail. It is one of my favorite designs

A tree pentacle

Antlered pentacle

This is a clay box that I made in a crafting class. I carved in some spirals and a triskelle to dress it up and make it more pagany. It was definitely a fun piece to make, and I wish that I had access to a kiln and glaze and clay to make more like it.

The Greenman in oak leaves and fiddleheads

a celticy pictishy design i came up with. I dont know how to describe it and therefore dont know how to name it.

A warrior symbol. Also a good tattoo idea

A maori style fish hook. I had a phase where I drew a bunch of these. It is a strong water symbol for me and I really like them

a tattoo that I designed for a friend.

Pictish Stag

The Greenman in Witch Hazel and oak. Two trees that I love working with.

Sycamore Greenman. Definitely one of my favorite trees to work with. I love sitting under a giant old Sycamore and listening to what they have to say


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