‘Neath a Caribbean Moon

The full moon is upon us and I have spent far too much time the past few days wondering what I should do for this turn. Finals are rushing towards me faster than ever and I should be spending more time with my nose in my anatomy books and less time wondering about full moon celebrations. I digress; I think that this moon shall be an important one. I have decided to begin a regimen of healing work on myself. I have encountered several spiritual blockages that I think are due to some issues that need worked out.

She was shy this evening

A lunar eclipse occurred yesterday. Lunar eclipses are excellent for times of meditation and releasing the old and the negative. This is an excellent time for one to cut the ties to what hold them back and do not benefit them. This is also the dark time of the year (figuratively speaking as there really have been no seasons in the Caribbean as of yet). For me, this period is a good time for introspection and self-work. So this full moon seemed perfect for me to do the healing work that I need.

I started the night before. I took a journey asking for assistance. It was an excellent start to the full moon celebration and really set things into motion. I woke up this morning feeling that there was change on the horizon and that there were profound things to come this evening.

After a day of classes and mundane responsibility I took a stroll down to the beach as the sun was setting. I made a wooden wind chime for the playful spirits at the beach. I decided it was a quick project that I could leave up and add to as I go along. Currently it is a few dead-fall branches and a feather, but it shall grow with time. I also left an offering of a locally made rosemary roll which I purchased today from The Bread Chick.  I then did a bit of meditation work as well as an exercise which involved me blowing and pushing the negative attributes to be gotten rid of into a stone and then hurling it into the ocean. I thanked the spirits of the place and Grandmothers Earth and Ocean for their help in my healing process. As it began to get dark, I watched the moon rise for a little bit then I returned to my room for some meditation and more journeying.

Finally got her out of the clouds, barely. It was a truly beautiful evening here. It was difficult to drag myself back inside to bed

As I sat before my altar meditating on my intent, I suddenly felt very dirty. More dirty that I usually feel after a full day in the Caribbean heat and humidity. So I bolted upstairs and into the shower. As the cleansing water washed over me, I started to laugh. I got completely giddy and felt a huge rush of energy. I could not stop smiling and I had no idea why. I stood there in the water for a while just enjoying the feeling before drying off. At this point I took a break from the witchery in order to get some dinner and obligatory studying in before returning to the fun stuff.

I returned to the fun stuff later in the evening. I did some further meditation and another journey and then I felt the call of my (oft forgotten) oracle cards. I handled them a while to warm them up and then did a quick reading about the healing work and they definitely still speak strongly to me. I have decided that I need to work with them more (just have not decided how). I did two readings before retiring them and both were quite exciting and spoke to the success of my healing work and the possible outcomes if I stick to my current workings. With a strong shiver down my spine, I retired the cards for the evening and meditated on the readings a while. I then went and bathed in what little moonlight I could find. It was a cloudy night here in the Caribbean and She only deemed it necessary to tease with glimpses here and there between the clouds. Then, exhausted, I put away my affects, thanked the spirits and prepared for a good night’s sleep. After all, this pagan is also a vet student and has a full day of classes the next morning!

While bathing in moonlight I got the feeling that I was being watched… Probably the fifteenth cat to cross my path that evening


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