Visit From an Old Friend

So I have been in the Caribbean for two and a half months now. It has been a whirlwind to be very honest. Vet School is quite the challenge and I am loving every minute of the course work. The only problem being down here is being stuck on a rock with the same 170ish people for such a long time is that you start to go crazy. Vet students are a special breed. We are almost all alpha type personalities and we are all relatively intelligent so there is a lot of butting heads and silly posturing to prove who is the smartest and who has the most and best clinical experience. I find myself getting pretty rageful with some of the classmates at times.  That being said, I think that starting my daily meditations have been crucial to my mental sanity. I have always been terrible at keeping up with daily practices and that sort of thing. I would get into the swing of something and then I would forget one day and never do it again. Now I have locked myself into daily mediation in the mornings. I started off with a prayer ceremony which was great and then that prayer seemed to get old. I did it one day and I didn’t feel anything, so I stopped. I started again with another prayer and that has run pretty well so far.  I do not know if anyone else has had this experience where your daily practice just stopped having an effect on you. To you who have had this experience, what do you think is best? Do you just force it and keep working at it until it does make you feel something again or do you do what I have done and move on to something new? Even if you have not had this experience, what do you recommend? I would like to know other people’s opinions on this.

I have been keeping up with the morning meditation though and that is something that has helped me immensely. Daily meditation is a great help to me and I think it has benefitted me by keeping me from homicide and by keeping my spirituality in my life daily. I have also found a new beach that is more secluded and has some great places for meditation. I spent both the full moon and Samhain out on the very beach.  I have definitely found my favorite place on this island. I go down there many times a week and do extra meditation there. On the full moon, I took my friend with me because I had never been there at night and I didn’t want to be there alone since I still do not know the island well. She is not pagan, but she respects what I do and agreed to keep an eye on me while I did my thing. I just introduced myself to the spirits there and left some offering then meditated for a while. I got good vibes the whole time and greatly enjoyed that night. The friend told me that she enjoyed watching the bat swoop around me the entire time I sat on the ground meditating. She did not grasp the significance, but I rather enjoyed it. That was my message that I was welcome here and that my offering was accepted. I went the next night for Samhain and that may be a different post, but when I went, I did find a hermit crab the size of a softball picking at my offering. Further validation says I.

My daily meditation has also been very spiritually fulfilling.  The meditation has become much easier to fall into a meditative state and I love that. I do that before exams when my fellow students are freaking out and I am getting stressed just standing near them. I will sit down and get away until it is time to go into the testing center.  I have had very little time for the journeying that I got so into doing while I was at Findlay, but I do get a time now and again.  I took some time last night before I went to bed I donned my bone choker and slipped away. I returned to my old growth forest where Stag was waiting for me. I apologized for being away so long. He surprised me by saying it’s okay. He said that I am following my dream and that is very important spiritually for me.  I smiled and then we went for a run like we did so many times before. Stag always has lessons for me when I meet him and this was no exception. I told him that I would try my best to come to him more often before returning to my skin and getting to bed for some much earned rest.   I have not communicated with Stag in a while and I much missed his guidance in my life.

I know that this semester is easy compared to what is to come and that I will not have as much time next semester on. I will probably be blogging less and less as I go on, but I will try to get fairly regular check ins out to let everyone know how I am doing.  I hope that people understand my blog will not be very exciting for the next year or so.


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My name is Iolair. I am from Northern Ohio, but I'm currently in the Caribbean going to veterinary school. I have a fascination for nature and the Old Gods. My blog is an exploration into the winding path that I follow. Shamanism, herbalism, folk lore, and witchcraft of all kinds are just some of the topics that I love to explore. Always open to chat and learn all that I can. View all posts by Iolair

5 responses to “Visit From an Old Friend

  • Lon dubh

    I always start a new prayer or daily practice and stick with it for a couple days or weeks and then it just feels worn out and predictable I also end up missing one day and then just letting it all slide down from there lol so what I have found that works for me is basically mixing it up I have a set group of prayers that I will use and each day I follow my gut and say the prayer that feels right for that day and I have found that I am less likely to get lazy in my practice I do have a set structure to my daily practice but I find just mixing up the prayers helps me a lot to stay focused. I hope my experience while noting majorly important will help you and your practice in some way 🙂

    • Iolair

      Thanks, man. I am glad that someone else has had a similar experience to me. I think that I need to find my own set group of daily rituals and prayers to rotate in and out of use. This is an excellent idea and I appreciate you sharing it with me.

  • Steve Tanner

    I must confess some envy for what you have described of your time in the Caribbean for the most part. This post suggests there is a cost to this sojourn in a tropical paradise. However, focusing on your “visit from an old friend” causes me to think another post I read today might speak to you. The URL is:

    • Iolair

      The Caribbean is definitely an interesting place to attend school. It is both beautiful and scary at times. It is technically a third world country and I have realized just how spoiled I have been in the U.S. where we have reliable electricity and clean water and those basic things I took for granted. There are also centipedes here that get big enough to eat bats and inflict some wicked damage on any human. I do love vet school so far, but there are times when I think, “am I some kind of masochist for choosing this much stress and debt?” Then I shove the thought aside and return to my studies. I could not be happier to be here since I do not remember a time that I did not want to be a veterinarian, and I am finally here earning my DVM so that I can follow that dream.
      Thank you for sharing that blog with me. I really like reading about other peoples journeys like that.

  • thefirstdark

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