Closing a Chapter

So I spent most of the day packing up my life and getting ready to send it all home tomorrow.  (there was a break for seeing Avengers, which was EPIC!) During the course of my packing, something very interesting happened and I decided that it would be good to share it.

When I first moved into the house a year ago, I did a little cleansing of the space and made it my own. I also did some crafting work for my room. I crafted a charm which hung on my outside door handle. It was simple. A pewter pentacle, an acorn, some embroidery floss and a couple beads. I wove it together into a great little charm for peace and to reflect negative energies. It was also kind of a gift to the spirits of the house, just to say “hey, I am here, we will be cohabitating, I come in peace, lets be friends”.  It proved to be very strong and I left it there undisturbed for a year. A whole year. It would often swing in the wind when I left the door open and had my bedroom window open. I think that someone liked the sound of the beads hitting the wood.

Now to the weird part. This was one of those great moments when you think to yourself “Wow, this shit is real.”  As I packed this afternoon and disassembled my bed the door was open and the charm swung a bit from the fan. I looked at it several times today realizing that I have to do something with it. I had decided when I made it that I would keep the pentacle and the rest would be an offering out back. I would hand the colored strands with the beads in my tree for the spirits.  I still could not bring myself to do it quite yet though.

As I disassembled the bed, I heard a clack on the wood floor. I turned around and saw the acorn from the charm laying on the floor.  A whole year, 365 days that charm hung there. The acorn never budged. Then, today, it falls out. I literally sat there for several minutes just gaping at it. When I made it, I specifically said that I would be here for a year. Then, a year later, the charm falls apart.  I was seriously dumbfounded to say the least.

So, this evening, I took it apart and gave it to the yard. I kept the pentacle though. I plan on working something similar at my next long-term abode, especially after the effectiveness of this one.

I thought that you, all my adoring readers, would enjoy this story. I am still pretty amazed myself.

Today as I



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