I was having a little trouble coming up with ideas for C this week. Then I was doing some reading, and I remembered a conversation that I had with Seillean over at Feral Druidry, and decided that I had something mildly interesting to talk about. That is why I am a wee bit late in posting tonight.

As I am sure many of you are aware, there has been a flourishing of courses being offered on spiritual subjects.  From druidry to sorcery, to meditation and chakras.  Nearly anything that you could think of, there is someone willing to teach it.  Generally, I really think that this is great. I like that people are willing to share their knowledge with others even with the great costs that are generally involved in taking such courses.  Whether in person, online, or via correspondence, I think that this great sharing of knowledge is amazing.

For some reason, I have this fascination with taking a class.  Maybe it is because I am such a  hands on learner, but the idea of being able to take a course is very exciting to me.  So, with this burning desire, I have been looking into classes that I would be interested in.  There are many druidry courses that pique my interest. I am also curious about the Strategic Sorcery course.  I also want to take so many herbalism courses. Being a college student, however, with a big dream in mind, I do not have the money or the time.  Courses run everywhere from the basic membership fees of a grove, to hundreds of dollars.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not have a problem with the people who run the courses charging money. They are providing a service, and should get paid for it.  I just cannot afford it.

I still am not sure why I have this desire.  Again with the hands on learning and such.  I also have this notion that I will get so much more out of a course than what I will by reading books.  In my search, I have found a couple of free courses, and I am taking full advantage.

All of that being said, I have learned a lot on my path. No book has taught me as much as I can learn from sitting in meditation under my favorite tree, from walking an old forest path, or from sitting in a circle with my spirits and deities present.  Seillean helped me realize, that despite how I feel that I should take courses, they are not necessary.  I am self-taught, and damn proud of it.  I still want to take classes, and I will one day, but I do not need them.


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My name is Iolair. I am from Northern Ohio, but I'm currently in the Caribbean going to veterinary school. I have a fascination for nature and the Old Gods. My blog is an exploration into the winding path that I follow. Shamanism, herbalism, folk lore, and witchcraft of all kinds are just some of the topics that I love to explore. Always open to chat and learn all that I can. View all posts by Iolair

2 responses to “Courses

  • Polly

    What a wonderful blog! I’m pleased to have found you through the Pagan Blog Project 2012.

    I also love continued learning! Currently, I am taking a course in Herbalism (along with others as a lifetime member there) from Magicka School. The courses are quite in-depth…not run-of-the-mill basics…and I love them. It isn’t “quite” the hands-on study I prefer, but as you referenced in your post…(love this part) all you need to do is go out in nature and observe and learn.

    Bright Blessings

    • Iolair

      Thank you so much! I am very happy that you enjoy the blog. It is very much a work in progress, as I am still learning a lot.

      I am jealous of your coursework. That is something that I really hope to get to do one day.

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