Here is Pagan Blogging Project post 2.

Bones are extremely magical things. Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to work with any bones. It is all the more unfortunate because my brother and father are hunters, and have brought home numerous animals through the years, and I never took advantage.  Now that I am more in tune with my spirituality, I am really hoping to take advantage of one of my brother’s kills in the near future.  He got a pair of ducks recently, and I was going to bury them and collect the bones later (maceration just isn’t an option with my current living situation), but, alas, life got in the way and I was just too damn busy preparing for finals at the time.  I love connecting with animal spirits, and I find that I have a knack for it. Working with bones just seems to be a way of connecting even more strongly in a way that I have never felt.

After having said that, I am very excited to announce that I will be working with bone here soon.  I have purchased some bone and horn hairpipes from a reputable dealer.  I have a project that I have been planning for quite some time and I have seen images of it in dreams and meditation, so i finally had enough spare cash to get the supplies.  I checked the species of the bone and horn and I am going to do a little crafting. Hopefully it will happen this weekend. I am very excited about my first experience working with bone. I can’t say if this will be blogged about or not, but it will be a great experience.


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My name is Iolair. I am from Northern Ohio, but I'm currently in the Caribbean going to veterinary school. I have a fascination for nature and the Old Gods. My blog is an exploration into the winding path that I follow. Shamanism, herbalism, folk lore, and witchcraft of all kinds are just some of the topics that I love to explore. Always open to chat and learn all that I can. View all posts by Iolair

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