A is for Antler

So I have decided to try my hand at this Pagan Blogging Project. In the past, I have not been very good at keeping up with my blog in the past. It is quite sad, because I really do enjoy blogging, I just tend to lose track of it with my life. I have come to really enjoy this blog and I like talking about pagan things in a vehicle that many people can see and comment on. I love getting feedback from other pagans.  So, I think that this project will force me to keep up with my blog.  I am starting a week late, but oh well. I will get two posts up before tomorrow so that I am caught up.  This project will help me out I think. So here goes

I am going to start with Antlers and the meanings and symbolism that goes along with them.  If you have read any of my blog recently, you know that I have been developing a relationship with the Horned God of late.  He has been calling to me, and I have gladly answered.  I did a devotional artwork for him, and I keep a section of my altar to him.  I look forward to further developing my relationship with Cernunnos as I continue down the winding way. This post will be about Antlers, but since the Horned God is important to me, he will be popping up throughout.

Antlers are a powerfully masculine symbol, hence why they are a symbol of the Horned God.  In nature, it is usually the male animals who have antlers for fighting and protecting their harem. This and the fact that horns are innately phallic are why they are such powerfully masculine symbols.  They also represent virility and fertility to the men.  Stag medicine is good for fertility in men.  Along with this thread, antlers are for masculine power.  They are both weapons as well as a crown to show off a male’s status.  The horns represent superior fitness because a male deer with a larger rack is usually one who has survived long enough to win many battles and breed with numerous females to pass on his genetics.

Antlers are also linked to the wheel of the year.  Many species shed theirs in the fall and early winter and regrow them in the spring.  Towards the end of the summer the antlers mature and shed their velvety covering.  This antler growth patterin another link to the Horned God and his life through the year.  He matures in time for the fall harvest, then dies at the beginning of winter, and is then reborn in the spring.

Antlers are also a connection to the divine.  Some would say that they are reaching towards the heavens and calling down spiritual energy.  They can help with journeying, if you know how to use the energy.  Try donning horns just once and meditating to see where it takes you.  Some say that stag energy can help psychic abilities because of their antlers and the connections there in.

To find a deer antler in the woods is a very special thing.  Once shed, they are often consumed by mice and other rodents as a source of calcium in the late fall and early winter, which makes them pretty difficult to find.  If you do find one and get the feeling that it is okay to take it, it is like a gift from the spirits of the forest and even from Cernunnos himself.


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