Winter Break

So, as per usual, things are not what we expect.  I am about half way through my winter break now, and I am a little disappointed.  I had grand visions that once finals were over, I would spend a good portion of my break being witchy, making fun things and developing my relationship with the Horned One.  Alas, life got me down. Those of you who follow me on twitter know that I am a pre-veterinary medicine major who applied to vet school this past fall.  I heard back from three of the four schools I applied to and they rejected me. Then I had my theatre scholarship taken away because they do not think I work hard enough for them. On top of this, the animal clinic told me I am not needed for break so I have no job.  So, far from feeling witchy, I have been spending my time cleaning the house for my family and trying to determine what to do with my life. (the purpose of this blog is not to whine about my problems. The point will be coming shortly,  I promise.)

I have now determined what to do about my future and the stress of preparing for Christmas is behind us, I find myself still not feeling very witchy.  I have craved all semester to do some artwork and a little bit of practical magick. Lets call it a dry spell (HA! a pun!).  I find that in my parent’s house it is just not the same as my own space back at school.  For starters, I am not, upon punishment of death, allowed to burn candles in the house. Plus, I do not have any space here that feels sacred or special.  Our back yard is open to our nosey suburban neighbors so there isnt a place there that I feel comfortable doing anything.  I brought my Cernunnos home with me and he sits on my headboard, but it is no altar.

So instead of practicing, I have spent time learning. I have been reading my books and various blogs.  Hoofprints in the Wildwood, Juniper’s blog Walking the Hedge, Bluedruid’s blog Feral Druidry, Nimue’s blog Druid Life Ive been listening to podcasts and pagany music.  I also broke out my tarot deck, Druidcraft Tarot for the first time in over a year.  I felt a pull from it, I think it may have been lonely.  So I played with some tarot, but even there I wasn’t getting in the mood.  So I spent time reading about the cards and studying them. I went onto Aeclectic Tarot and read the basic card meanings and the story that underlies the cards and thinking about tarot in general. I realized just how much tarot has to teach us.  This has been my biggest break project and I am still working on it.

Going forward for the next two weeks or so, I want to continue reading and listening to podcasts.  I can use this time to study and learn. I dont have anywhere around me that I can go walking in the woods, but I am walking my development. We have a small patch of trees next to the highway that is a huge swamp this time of year. It is untamed and I do enjoy walking by it. Plus being out in the open air with just the sound of the wind will be freeing.  So that is what I am doing with my break. No grand witchcraft, no crazy crafting. Just some study and reflection while I prepare for next semester.  I will also be straining my plantain oil and maybe testing the cayenne oil.  Hopeully I will have some good blogging material so I can get some posts up during my 2 weeks of freedom.

I hope that everyone had a good Yule and Christmas and other holidays and that they have a safe New Year.


About Iolair

My name is Iolair. I am from Northern Ohio, but I'm currently in the Caribbean going to veterinary school. I have a fascination for nature and the Old Gods. My blog is an exploration into the winding path that I follow. Shamanism, herbalism, folk lore, and witchcraft of all kinds are just some of the topics that I love to explore. Always open to chat and learn all that I can. View all posts by Iolair

4 responses to “Winter Break

  • Artemisia Apollo

    I know how u feel I have done sweet fuck all since I started my Christmas break had huge plans to go to graveyards etc but the weather has been shit so the place that I was gonna start going to so I could honor Artemis at….. well those plans of going there have gone out the window. I’m also doing the whole learning the tarot thing which seems to be going great so far I also use the druid-craft deck but for communication with Artemis I love the deck its got such a earthy feel to it.

  • Iolair

    I am glad i am not the only one.
    I love this deck. It feels wonderful. I agree with the earthy feel. I have just started getting into using tarot for communication with spirits and, more recently, Cernunnos. Divination in the more stereotypical sense has never been something that interested me greatly. I have played with some other tarot decks, but this one has been my favorite by far

  • Liz

    I feel exactly the same, hence the lack of blogging since what? Before Thanksgiving I think… and I’m woefully neglecting my local Work in regards to the dead and spirits, mostly because I’ve been out of town. BUT I also need to see you and together we’ll manage to do SOMETHING. It helps that I’m back in my space, cleaning it out, getting shit together, etc. I definitely relate. I hope things get back into some sort of rhythm when the semester starts, but I have a lot to do before then.

    I just texted you too. ❤

    • Iolair

      Yeah, I feel like I’ve been neglectful too. It is really very unfortunate because I felt like I was making a lot of spiritual progress when I was at school, but here I don’t feel very witchy. I am glad your back from Florida, I really hope together we can be witchy. Ooh! We can strain my plantain oil. I wish j felt more witchy here because I definitely won’t have much time this semester.

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