Recent Craftings and Gifts

Last week Monday, I was bitten by the crafting bug.  With the crazy schedule that I have, Monday nights are my only nights that I can do  a couple hours of witchery, so it was a good night.  So I went outside and meditated under the pine tree in the yard. I left another offering for the ancestors and spirits and then returned to my lair to do some crafting.    The area of my room in front of my window looks like a small jungle with all my plants there. I save some of my favorites and pull them inside for the winter. So my thyme and rosemary live with my boston fern and my chia head.

Lately, I have had a great interest in rosemary. Apart from being delicious, it is a powerful magical herb and the spirits and ancestors love it as an offering (although this latter part may have something to do with the fact that I grew her myself from a little sprout and lovingly care for her).  I want to do a post all about rosemary at some point.  Earlier this semester, I cut and bundled a bunch of rosemary into a smudge wand.  I am an asthmatic, and sage smudge tends to bother me, so I do not like to use it indoors.  Rosemary has not bothered me at all, so I use it to smudge a lot more.  So Monday night, I cut enough rosemary to make a decent wand.  I left an offering to my plant in thanks and then bundled and hung the cuttings to dry.

Then, I decided to play with some fire. Over the summer I planted three cayenne pepper plants, which exploded with fruit. I strung a few, and my dear friend strung the majority and they have been drying in my closet.  With cayenne, it is impossible to get the peppers to look like they do in the jar of pepper flakes you buy at the store unless you have a dehydrator.  As a poor college student, I posess no such apparatus, and that is just fine with me.  I ripped up about 15 peppers into as small of pieces as I could get them with my fingers and then ran them through my mortar and pestle. I put the pieces and three whole peppers into a baby food jar (since this is my first batch I am going small), and then filled it with olive oil.  I capped it and photographed it. Now it sits on the shelf next to my plantain oil. I shake them a couple times a week.  The other day, the oil had taken on a beautiful amber color. I am really excited to try this for cooking and healing work.

Last week, we had quite the windstorm, I loved every minute of it. Standing in a strong wind is quite a bit of fun. The storm left quite a few gifts for me.  I found a some juniper and some yew from the hedges out front of my house.  The yew is hanging in my closet and the juniper is resting on my altar with Cernunnos.  I also found several dead branches on the hawthorn hybrids on campus. I snatched them up before maintenance could throw them away so I could do some wildcrafting with them.

Juniper bough deposited on my porch by the windstorm

Thorns from a hawthorn hybrid on campus

That is what this witch has been up to.



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6 responses to “Recent Craftings and Gifts

  • Liz

    Love. It. All. I can’t wait to see how your cayenne oil turns out!

  • greycatsidhe

    Beautiful work! Rosemary smudge sticks – now why didn’t I think of that! I will have to make some of those myself. I have a beautiful rosemary plant but more rosemary than I know what to do with in my cooking. Smudging is a perfect use for it… I love the smell so it makes sense.

    The pepper oil sounds amazing too… Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Iolair

      Thank you! To be honest, I don’t know where I even got the idea. We’ll chalk it up to divine inspiration. 😉 I think everyone should try it, it is much less offensive to me than sage. And rosemary is a strongly protective herb, so it serves a good purpose for smudge.

      I am very excited about the pepper oil. It will have so many uses!

      Thank you for reading and commenting. i always love comments

  • Granthrax

    I’m really heat sensetive, so your chilli-oil terrifies me more than a little, but I do tip my hat to you for growing all thos peppers yourself, and not just resorting to store-bought. well done 😛

    Another herb you might consider using for smudging is Mullein. It has similar protective/purifying qualities magically to Sage, however I find the smoke much less pungent, and it is also used medicinally in the treatment of asthma. Not sure how common it is over there, but here in Australia it grows everywhere!

    Here’s a link to info:

    Cheers, Grant

    • Iolair

      I love spice, so the cayenne oil is perfect. I plan to use it more in a healing capacity than anything. It is wonderful for sore muscles and painful joints, you just have to be careful to not get it on any sensitive skin or mucous membranes.

      I think things are mor powerful when you grow them yourself. When I am done with college and have my own place I want a greenhouse so I can grow all kinds of fun things to work with. Right now I have my herbs and my peppers. 🙂
      Mullein is an invasive species in the area, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. I would love to try it out. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll keep my eye out for some in the spring.

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