Tai Chi Musings

My school got a brand new gym last year, it is a very expensive and very nice facility.  Since it was completed they have started offering all kinds of new free classes in the evenings and weekends.  Last semester they had yoga and zumba classes that were free to students.  This semester they offered zumba, kickboxing, and tai chi.  Now I have wanted to learn tai chi for quite some time. I have seen it performed and I saw great potential for use as a standing meditation technique as well as a martial art.  So when I saw that it was offered, I quickly signed up.

So this past Friday night, my housemates and I walked into the class very excited.  The instructor is a man who has had twenty some years of training in various martial arts, so this tai chi was definitely geared towards the martial aspect and not so much the meditation.  I was not too bothered by this and still eager to start.  After a half hour of introductory talk, we finally got to the actual learning.

Right off the bat, I saw the amazing potential for energy development.  We learned ten moves at a time.  He would show us and we would follow along through the motions.  Even though he taught us in the form of strikes and blocks, I followed a completely different path.  I could feel the energy flow through me. I could sense each muscle as it worked to follow the motions.  After a 2 hour class we had learned 20 out of the 80 moves that we are going to learn this semester. I was immediately hooked.  It is so easy to block out the world and get lost in the motions when you are focusing on the flow of energy with your body.  I can say right now that tai chi will definitely be a part of my life for quite some time.

I woke up the next morning after the class and easily went through the twenty moves.  I was instantly grounded and felt ready to face a day of hardcore studying for the week to come.  As a witch, I think tai chi could be a very useful tool. I plan on experimenting with it very heavily over the next few months.


Also, as a quick side note. I am opening the satyr oil tonight. It has been a week since its mixing and I couldn’t be more excited to break into it.  I have been a good boy and not disturbed it at all the past week except for a quick stir here and there.  I will update with my results soon.


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My name is Iolair. I am from Northern Ohio, but I'm currently in the Caribbean going to veterinary school. I have a fascination for nature and the Old Gods. My blog is an exploration into the winding path that I follow. Shamanism, herbalism, folk lore, and witchcraft of all kinds are just some of the topics that I love to explore. Always open to chat and learn all that I can. View all posts by Iolair

4 responses to “Tai Chi Musings

  • Artemisia Apollo

    I have always wanted to do tai chi but it isn’t offered in my area.I have been meaning to start yoga for ages!! but other stuff keeps getting in the way I might start it this week because It has been on my mind a lot lately.
    Best of luck with the satyr oil 🙂

    • Iolair

      I had the same problem. I also could not afford professional classes even if I could find them. So when it was offered free I thought it was like meant to be or something.
      Yoga is a curious thing to me. I haven’t done much other than the Wii fit yoga and even alone in the confines of my basement I felt foolish. I enjoyed it but decided that it should stay in the confines of my basement. Lol
      Thanks. I am about to go open it now.

  • Hadaig

    I was learning Tai Chi as meditative rather than as martial until I became unemployed. I find it amazing that your personal perspective on what you are learning flows naturally toward the meditative perspective. Continue what you are doing and I am certain that you will reap what you seek. I am re-employed now and will pick up classes again when I can find them for people working second shift because I found Tai Chi to be extremely rewarding.

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