Satyr Oil

The satyrs are mythological creatures borne of Greek mythology.  Wild, untamed forest spirits often portrayed as companions to Pan or Dionysis. Satyr oil is something that is made to capture the essence of the satyr.  Okay so a lot of people use it as a get laid quick and easy method, and it is no doubt useful for just that.  The satyr was a masculine spirit of sex and revelry so an oil of the essence would be useful for drawing a lover to a man.  I will not lie; drawing a lover is probably the most powerful use for satyr oil, but not the only one.  Other uses include connecting with one’s wild side and one’s artistic side. The satyrs are spirits of the arts especially music and dancing, so they are good to channel if you are getting in touch with your inner musician or dancer.  In the end, it all comes down to how you make it and what your intentions are in making and using it.

Now this was a complete experiment on my part. I have not blended any oils before, but this one seemed simple enough.   I looked up a few different recipes online and looked at what I had available to me and decided I can do this.  So I made a quick run to the new health foods store in Findlay and found some oils to make my blend.

The basic point is to capture the wild and masculine energy of the satyr.  The fiery passion and the earthy nature are key.  So you use scents and plants that signify these things to you.  Some people do a blend of essential oils in some carrier oil, I am in college and I am on a budget so I did some oils that I had on hand, one that I bought at the store, with some whole parts, and a carrier oil I bought at the store.

I cleaned up my workspace and put all of my supplies on it.  I lit a stick of one of my favorite incenses and a couple candles anointed with clove oil.  I smudged the room and put on some mood music to make sure that I stayed on task. I put on Wolves by Kan’nal, a good wild song.  I meditated and pictured myself running wild. I could hear the tundra winds of Findlay whipping outside my window.  When I felt ready, I combined all the ingredients in a small jar. I made a small batch because I didn’t know if I would be successful.  I blended things according to my senses.

Once I felt my blend to be appropriate I changed the tune to a drumming called Power Animals.   I meditated over it focusing on that image of running wild through an old forest.  I worked with this wild nature energy and channeled it into the jar.  When I came out of my meditation, I left the jar on the windowsill and crawled into bed, exhausted.  I keep it on the windowsill to soak in the light of the sun.

Now I know what you all want to know is what my recipe was. I will tell you what I put in it with this one note.  I have not used any yet, so I do not know how successful it is.  Once it has soaked for a bit (or when my inner scientist takes over) I will try it out.

Cinnamon bark. Cinnamon is a fiery spice and adds passion to the mix.

Acorn and Oak Leaves.  Gifts from the tree in my front yard. I associate the oak with masculine energies and I think these make a great addition. Oak is also very firmly rooted in the earth so it adds earthy energy necessary for this project.

Honey. For some sweetness

Olive oil: Olive is often associated with virility and lust. Very appropriate for a satyr oil.

Clove oil: Clove is a very masculine herb and useful for attracting the opposite sex.

Patchouli oil: Patchouli has a very earthy scent and like the oak, adds earthy energy to the oil. Patchouli is associated with passion and lust.

Apricot Hull oil.  This is the carrier oil. I originally decided on it because it was pretty cheap, but I am glad that I used it. It is light and has no fragrance. It mixed well with the other components and adds a lightness to such an otherwise rich and strongly earthy blend.

So there it is. My satyr oil, and my first even oil blend.  My inner scientist screams for experimentation, but I have vowed to let it set a week in the sun before I try to use it.  I want it to marinate in the sun’s rays, let some of the cinnamon spice release into the oil.  If the recipe works out, it may be something you see in a store one day. That is if Liz and I can ever get our online shop up and running.


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