Animal Spirit 1 – The Boar

Last summer was a tough time for me. I could not find a job to save my life, despite applying everywhere within a 50 mile radius, and I hated being unable to provide money to help with school and all the expenses that I accumulate. My family was also going through a hard time and tensions were high. Not a day went by when the whole house were at each other’s throats. I had some issues with depression. I got some advice that I will never forget. “You need to fight. You cannot let yourself wallow. You have plans and dreams and people who love you. So you need to fight.” This advice helped me so very much. It is what started my uphill battle. I thought of myself as a warrior, fighting in battle. To help me do this, I channeled the energy of the animal that this post is about. The boar.

A pictish style boar that I drew while I worked through some troubles using the boar's energy.

The wild boar is the more ancient cousin of our modern domestic pigs.  There are several species ranging across the world, but the European wild boar is the one most commonly thought of.  Individuals can get as big as 200 pounds on average with much larger specimens recorded throughout the world.  Males have a pair of tusks that are lengthened canine teeth and can be used extremely effectively for defense.  The males tend to travel alone, while females travel in groups of other females and their young.

Eurasian Wild Boar

The boar is the classic warrior spirit. The survivor. It represents leadership, courage and strength to various cultures. The boar teaches you self-confidence and the value of hard work to reach your goals. I often meditate on the boar before a big test or if I know I have an impending conflict to deal with. I find that I am more confident and that I am able to more calmly deal with situations. I started looking at every test I take at school as like another battle in the fight to get to Vet School, so meditating on the boar is almost like putting on my war paint. While representing the warrior, the boar is also about choosing your fights wisely. A wild pig will often run if it is able to, but when it is cornered, watch out. He will fearlessly charge his opponent. Ancient warriors of the British Isles often wore talismans of wild pig to grant them extra ferocity and strength in battle.

Pigs are extremely intelligent creatures, and truly survivors. Domestic pigs, for some reason, have the pink and brown and black and white coloration that we all are familiar with. However, if a domestic pig became feral; their terminal hair would revert to the darker colors of their wild cousins. This is just a fun cocktail fact, but it shows how adaptable these animals can be. The pig is perfectly adapted to survive in almost any habitat, which is why they have taken so well and become invasive in so many places. America currently has a huge problem with feral pigs and wild boar that were brought from Europe. They are not native, but their ability to adapt to their environment has made them problematic for native species and farmers. If you have trouble with change, maybe the boar would be able to help you learn to adapt.


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