Garden Update and General Update

I apologize for the recent blog silence. Things have been a bit crazy. I have been working a lot of hours, doing lots of field work for my internship and working my butt off on my vet school application.  Now that the application is in the editing stages and my hours at work have been cut back (stupid budget cuts), I have some more time.  I have been working on the animal energies posts and I am still not happy with them.  So for now, I am going to give an update on my garden and introduce posts about the family camping trip this past weekend.  For this post, the garden.

The family garden as well as my herb garden is doing fantastically for the most part.  This is the main garden.  We just made it bigger last year, and it was completely worth it.  We also built a special horizontal trellis for the cucumbers, which they loved.  On the far right are the cucumbers. next to them in the front are the hot block peppers for stews and stuffed peppers and pickling.  Next to the hot blocks, are the jalapenos.  We use them in salsas, in pickles, and in lots of other culinary things. I plan to commandeer some for witchery since it has been an amazing year for peppers.  In the front left corner are three cayenne pepper plants.  Everything else in the garden is tomatoes.  We have grape tomatoes for snacks, roma tomatoes for salsa, salsa and more salsa, and then some beefsteak tomatoes for salsa, sandwiches and general consumption.  I have since planted my basil between the cucumbers and hot blocks since it was doing dreadfully in the pot.











Here are the cucumbers. They have been loving this humidity.  We have had some huge fruit off these two plants. Some are longer than my forearm.  Every day we are pulling at least one or two cucumbers off the vine. So that is now a daily treat, and I am trying to find some more interesting uses for them. It wont be too difficult, the cucumbers are talkative.









Here are my lovely cayenne peppers.  I bought three plants at the beginning of the summer, just because I have always wanted some.  Now the plants are loaded with fruit.  The one plant is leaning over pretty badly because it is so heavy.  I staked it up.  Now the fruits just need to ripen so that I can start harvesting.  I am so excited to finally have fresh cayenne to work with.  I love working with peppers in the kitchen and in magick, and when these plants are done I will have at least a hundred little cayenne peppers to do all sorts of wonderful things with.  I can feel my tongue tingle just thinking about them.

This is my oregano. It was a little cutting from my grandma’s patch that exploded and bloomed into this.  I did not plan to harvest any from it this season, just to establish it so I can get it ready for lots of magickal and culinary use next year.  I am planting it in the ground for the winter now that it has flowered.

Here is my rosemary. She grew so big and beautiful.  I dont like to play favorites, but my rosemary is definitely a favorite.  I connect with it well and I love the smell, taste, and feel of it.  I plan on making a smudge wand out of it and putting the rest into storage for random other uses.

Here is the lavender I inherited when my dear friend moved down to florida.  She hasnt been doing very well ever since Liz went south.  I changed some things and have been giving some extra love and attention to try and bring her back, but who knows. She may prefer a woman’s touch.

This is my thyme.  It got cut down early this summer in a bad hailstorm, but it grew back beautifully. I harvested a bunch of it the other day since it is getting ready to flower. I use thyme mostly for medicinal purposes, but it has witchy uses and i think it mixes well with rosemary as a seasoning.

This was quite a shocking find.  Last year I had a huge pot of chammomile that just shriveled down.  I thought it was gone for sure. But I found this little guy sprouting from an unoccupied pot.  A single flower.  I just let it bloom, praying that it will seed well and grow more next year.

This is my parsley box.  I planted two parsley sprouts in here and they have exploded. I make some excellent tabbouleh and this box is solely for that purpose. It is just about ready to harvest, so I see a lot of parsley chopping in my future.

Finally, our tree garden.  My mom and I found some acorns and sprouted them.  I have a few maples saplings there too.  We plan on growing these little guys up big and strong to someday plant on the family farm.  We are always on the hunt for more acorns from the nearby trees to sprout more oak trees. We both have a love for oaks and want to plant a forest of them in the yard.

And that is the family garden.  I cannot wait for all the witchiness after I harvest.


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One response to “Garden Update and General Update

  • Liz

    I miss my lavender… do you think she can hold out for another couple weeks until I get back to the Ohio? In the interim I would suggest stripping all the dead and semi-dead leaves that will come off with light tugging, and chopping off the dead shoots… Is she in full sun?

    The rest of your plants are doing wonderfully… I wonder why my lavender isn’t… hmm. We’ll see what happens when I come back – animals have been known to languish and pine for me when I am away, I suppose plants are just as capable, especially given my connection to that lavender plant.

    Speaking of, I think I might plant a patch at my new apartment in Kent. I think I might plant a variety of pretty, useful and protective plants outside my door in conjunction with all of the cleansing and protective work going into the interior. I’ll discuss this with you more when we’re in the same place.

    Miss you, love you, can’t wait to see you!

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