Plant Adventures

So the other day, we had such beautiful weather  I went to my job interview then had the rest of the day to myself.  I studied some for my GRE and then the urge to be outside struck.  I grabbed my camera and went out to my backyard to look and see what was living back there.  My family doesnt have a very large yard, but we have a line of pine trees on a hillock that lines the back yard and acts as a barrier from the highway.  Under the pines, my dad does not maintain it very well which allows for quite a bit of wild growth.  I always like to explore and see what comes up in the spring and what came back that we planted the year before.

First I looked at my herbs that survived the winter.  My thyme survived and is flourishing now that it is outside.  My mint decided that it wanted to be an ivy this year.  So I stuck the pot out back in the pines so that it can throw its runners to its leafy little heart’s content.  My rosemary and sage did not make the winter indoors ( i suspect my father had something to do with it, but I cannot prove my suspicions).  I will be replacing those in the near future.

After making my mint happy I meandered up into the pines.  I found my dear friend Fern.  There is one fern growing up there and it has been for years, but it is the only one.  I am always afraid that it won’t come back one year, but every year I am overjoyed to see it’s fiddle-heads poking through the  pine needles.  It seems to grow stronger every year.

I also found a little patch of some spearmint that was growing up there.  My father had gotten a rather sickly little plant last summer and I was positive that it would not make the winter. It looked so sickly and we planted it so late, but the little guy made it.  Soon to be overrunning the other plants up there.  I cleaned up the invasive vinca vine from around the mint to make sure it won’t get choked out before it can really establish itself.

I found our hostas that we planted last year.  They came up nice and healthy, now we just need to keep the rabbits off of them and they will be beautiful.  I also found the king of all dandelions growing in the pines.  I will be digging him up here in the near future before my dad can spray the weeds up there.

My dad and I tilled up the family garden patch.  I love the smell of fresh tilled earth.  I wanted to roll in it it smelled so good.  So now all we have to do is get our vegetable plants.  I believe that my parents will be getting them on sunday.  We plant roma tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, grape tomatoes, jalapenos, bell peppers, and cucumbers.  It is not much, but it gives us plenty of cucumbers for salad and snacks and enough salsa to last for quite some time.  My mom also started making and canning her own tomato sauce last year.  We have some great soil this year so here in a few months we will be swimming in homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers.  I cannot wait.

So here is the guardian of the garden.  I left a little offering of my dried herbs from last fall so that he continues to watch over the yard and all the wonderful things growing in it.


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