My Plants This Year

My Parents and I went to the garden center today.  We found a wonderful little nursery nearby. We have been getting our Christmas trees from them for years and it is a great local place.  We now get all of our plants from them that they can provide.  I love promoting local business and this is a great one to promote.  A week ago, I bought my mom some wonderful flowers from them for mothers day for her big porch pots (I always found cut flowers to be wasteful and just downright silly.  Why would anyone want dead things bought for them? (maybe this is why I am single)).

As of right now, I have a great little garden going.  I had thyme and mint that survived the winter and they are really enjoying their time being back outside.  Yesterday my grandmother gave me a clump of her oregano which is flourishing under this rainstorm.  Today I bought a new rosemary plant (it is not salem rosemary, but it was $1.99 for a huge plant from a local grower, I couldnt pass it up), a small pot of parsley (I make some kick ass tabbouleh), a little basil plant, and three little cayenne pepper plants.  I am excited to get them all photographed and planted.  Once this rain lets up a bit I will go and get photographs.  I am really excited for my garden this year, there will be many posts of the things made from it in the coming months.


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