Nettles, Dandelions, and Things to Come

I apologize for that Hiatus. Things at school were more than a little crazy.  Namely a dozen exams (nine of which were finals) in a  two week span.  So now that finals are over and I am all moved into my new house in Findlay things can go back to normal.  The past two weeks have been a hiatus from my normal witchcraft completely.  I burned a small candle every night and carried an acorn in my pocket and that was about it in the way of witchery.  But that is all behind me now and all I have to worry about is the grades on said tests.

Yesterday is one of my free days before I begin the crazy business that is g

oing to be my summer and I feel that it was spent well. I had a desire to get my hands dirty, to play in the dirt and work with some plants.  Unfortunately I don’t have the means to go get my herbs yet. I am waiting until my job starts up and I have a paycheck under my belt.  My dear friend and working partner Liz had me over today and we made some nettle pesto.  We played around with the ingredients for a bit until we found the right consistency and flavor.  It still wasn’t perfect. We require more experimenting but our end product for the day was pretty good.  We agreed that pesto required mass amounts of garlic and cheese, but that is just our personal taste

After making pesto we went out to the yard to look at the plants growing on Liz’s deck.  We went into her yard and started looking at things that grow wild.  The urge struck to attempt to dig up some dandelion root. So we went dandelion crazy and spent over an hour stalking the yard and digging up a bunch of roots.  Most of them were pretty small, but there were two that were large enough to dry and carve.  One was bifurcated. I will post pictures as soon as I get them.  We washed all the roots and gently scurbbed off as much dirt as possible, now they are drying in my windowsill.

All of the roots that we dug up.

The most interesting of the roots

The biggest of the roots we dug up. Isnt he beautiful?

Now we have a goal to find more dandelion root, but only the big roots. We also want to try to make some dandelion wine.   Overall, this was a good start to summer. We have lots of crafty plans that we would like to carry out, and the list continues to grow.  Hopefully we will be able to get some of the things done and blog about them.

Some ideas of things to come:




herbal vinegars

magickal curios

lots of herbiage (I plan on going to the garden store here in the next few days to replace some of my herbs that did not last the winter)


woodcarved things

pyrographed things

woodcarved and pyrographed things

Lots more witchiness.  It gets me all tingly to think about the fun that is to come this summer.


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One response to “Nettles, Dandelions, and Things to Come

  • Ancasta

    I would say not to forget tinctures… but that falls more into the category of ‘herbal medicine’ than anything else.

    Also, I think this weekend I’m going to trot to the fabric store and pick up some muslin to start making a mock up field bag pattern. (Presumably I’ll be close to done packing all my things in North Olmsted for the move… Sheesh, then I have to pack in Kent.)

    Oh, and concerning dandelions. I would LOVE to make a small batch of dandelion wine, but I really would have no place to put the half-finished product while it ferments… so unless you’re volunteering to house this dandelion wine batch over the summer, I think we’ll have to wait. Regardless, I do need to go harvest some more dandelion roots for tincturing.

    Oh, and when are we going on a wood foraging adventure?

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