The Craft Unhindered

First of all, I want to apologize. Things have been quite crazy here.  The semester took a turn and I have had to work my butt off just to keep up with my schoolwork.  I am a student of pre-veterinary medicine and the President of the Pre-Vet Club here on campus, and I have a job as a stage hand for the theatre, so as you can imagine, my free time is often very limited.  I have not had the time to do anything witchy or blog about it.  Now that there is a slight lull in the workload, I have time to spit out a quick blog or two.  Now, I don’t have anything fancy prepared so I decided that I would talk about witchcraft in a college setting.

I live in a dorm room. It is a small 15’ by 12’ space, but for a couple months of the year, it is mine.  I cannot honestly say that I enjoy dorm life, your privacy is pretty minimal, and being able to practice witchcraft is nigh impossible in the space.  This semester, I was quite blessed to have my roommate move out at the beginning to go live with his friend.  By some stroke of luck, I did not receive a replacement roommate, so I have fully taken over the space.  So despite the rules and regulations of the dorms (including no candles or incense), I have maintained some level of witchiness.

I have gotten into a fairly stable meditation ritual, which has opened my mind and heart to numerous witchy possibilities. Having the room to myself, I made a bunch of open space.  It feels much more unhindered now for me to meditate and think. I even took over my roommate’s old bookshelf and made myself a little altar while blasting some Kellianna.  It has been a while since I have had an altar proper, but I really like having them.  I feel like an altar, no matter how simple or fancy is like a small offering to the gods, and it shows a piece of you to the spirits to which the altar is designed.  I don’t keep much here in the dorms, having had issues with some of my spiritual stuff in the past, but I used what I had and I am quite proud of my little altar.  It will soon be used to bless a batch of holy water (my first time making it!).

Here is my dorm room altar. 5 pieces of smoky quartz encircling a small gong, a candle blessed to the wild gods, an acorn and my earth pentacle. It is simple, but I love it.

Witchcraft is not a thing that is confined to small huts in the backwoods away from people.  This is a college town that has become very urbanized, and yet the craft is still alive and well here in my little 15’ by 12’ space.  I do not allow myself to be hindered by the fact that I cannot walk in the woods daily and commune directly with those wild spirits.  I set up a space here and use it to the fullest of my abilities to make it welcome to those spirits.  Witchcraft is about adaptation, about being able to work with what you have and still performing the task you desire.  Living in a dorm room for three years has taught me this.  Witchcraft is in the heart of the witch, and anyone who believes differently can kiss my broomstick.


About Iolair

My name is Iolair. I am from Northern Ohio, but I'm currently in the Caribbean going to veterinary school. I have a fascination for nature and the Old Gods. My blog is an exploration into the winding path that I follow. Shamanism, herbalism, folk lore, and witchcraft of all kinds are just some of the topics that I love to explore. Always open to chat and learn all that I can. View all posts by Iolair

3 responses to “The Craft Unhindered

  • Artemisia Apollo

    I love the little altar.I always think to myself that the gods/spirits get more out of the small things we do cos our heart is in it 100%… but they also wont say no to the bigger more over the top things we do for them either lol.I’m really enjoying your blog 🙂

  • Iolair

    Thank you so much. I was quite proud of my little altar. I love doing little things like that, and i feel like the gods and spirits are appreciative of any recognition in this day and age.

    I am glad that you are enjoying it so far. I will be posting more once I am on summer break here in about 2 weeks. Please comment on things. I really like getting comments.

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