Crafting on the Cheap

As we shopped for the dream bags, we found that the two of us are quite good at “crafting on the cheap,” a term coined by Ancasta.  Being poor college students, it is not always easy to get supplies.  We got 6 fair sized pieces of fabric, the stones for the bag, needles, embroidery floss and a silver candle all for under 16 bucks.  The floss needles and fabric can be used for many more projects. I would estimate we spent about 10 bucks for the pouches themselves if even that much.  That is not bad at all for the project.

When at a craft store, a lot of what you will find is quite overpriced.  We go straight for the clearance section every time.  At your local Pat Catans, Hobby Lobby, or Jo Ann Fabrics there is always some kind of clearance section.  We have found some wonderful things hiding in the clearance bins.  Pat Catans often has some very nice stone donuts that they throw into clearance. I have a beatuiful howlite one that I got there. After searching the clearance section go through the aisles.  Look for things that are marked down.  All of the fabric that we got was marked down and on clearance.  Once we went to the store just to go and see what they had and see if we got any inspiration.  We found a bunch of things that were marked down to a dollar.  I got two picture frames for a dollar a piece and I plan to make scrying mirrors.

“You’re a dollar! Get in the cart!”

You always have the option to go out and buy the best of the best for your projects, but it is not necessary.  The gods do not much care if you got that fabric on clearance or paid full price for it.  So Ancasta and I make increasingly frequent trips to the craft store and we get so many cool and interesting things to use.

When we shopped for our dream pouches we got some felt too to make needle books for our embroidery needles.  Another cheap and fun project that is a good starter.  Those are our needle books below.

Now that you have some pointers for cheap and fun crafting, go out to your store and have some fun.

Happy Crafting!


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